Single-Tooth Replacement in Blacksburg, VA

Dr. Munz can replace single missing teeth with minimally invasive Mini Dental Implants and crowns.

Dr. Munz can replace single missing teeth with minimally invasive Mini Dental Implants and crowns.

Minimally invasive, permanent and affordable tooth replacement

The modern method of replacing individual teeth is with dental implants —consisting of a dental implant to act as the root and a porcelain crown to complete the new tooth. The older method is to use a dental bridge, which requires cutting down and capping two adjacent teeth to support one or two false teeth. Dental bridges are not only more invasive, they tend to last a lot shorter time than a dental implant.

Dr. Munz uses Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) to efficiently and permanently restore single missing teeth. He is very experienced in MDIs, having done over 10,000 individual implant installations over the years.

The smaller diameter of the mini dental implants makes it easier to insert the mini implants, and they require no healing. This makes the mini implant procedure a fast, minimally invasive procedure, and very affordable—up to half the cost of regular implants. When properly planned and correctly placed, as is the case with Dr. Munz, mini dental implants have an excellent record of long-term durability.

High-tech equipment

High-tech equipment

We use high-tech equipment to gather precise information for planning your treatment.

Dr. Munz uses 3D imaging, 3D X-rays, to plan the implant placement surgery with precision. As needed, he creates a surgical guide to use during the implant placement.

Comfortable and efficient procedure

Dr. Munz makes the process of replacing your missing teeth quick and convenient. Typically, he can do any needed extractions and, at the right time, place the implant. He uses the most effective local anesthetic on the dental market and a high-tech electric drill that is water-cooled to make surgery more comfortable and fast. His goal is to provide you with treatment that is free of discomfort.

Dr. Munz has streamlined the entire procedure. The minimally invasive design of MDIs eliminates healing time. Dr. Munz takes an impression for your new crown at the same time as the implant placement, which is immediately relayed to his lab. In ten days he fits the new crown to the top of your implant. In two short appointments, you will have a beautiful and fully functioning new permanent tooth.

Natural-looking, no-metal crowns

Dr. Munz uses porcelain fused to zirconia crowns. Zirconia is a white material typically used as a substitute for diamonds. It is very durable and biocompatible. It also helps the new tooth look more natural. Dr. Munz designs your crown to match the shade, shape and look of the other teeth.

Free Consultation

Free consultationMake an appointment with Dr. Munz to discuss your treatment options.

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